Video Monitoring

ACME Security provides Crime Response and Prevention through high-end surveillance systems. With our 24-hour Dispatch center, you know your property is safe and secure while we monitor your property. ACME has the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom in the cameras to capture license plates, vehicle attributes, and accurate physical and detailed descriptions of the subjects before the crime is ever committed.

In the event of foul play, ACME can speak to the subjects involved thorough the installed PA speaker and advise them that they are being watched and/or security is on the way. 

You own the equipment, we do the monitoring. In addition, the client has the ability to log in online and see what we see in real time. This is a great investment for your property and your clients, and the cost can be differed to your tenants (ASK US HOW). Leasing options are also available.

Live Monitoring , just like the casinos have (the eye in the sky)! We have a 24 hour state of the art monitoring center that is in a secure and secret location, with a back up remote power supply. In this center we have dispatchers that are constantly watching and recording your property for any suspicious activity. If they see:

A crime in progressA call is placed to both police, and for an armed Acme supervisor to respond. In addition, they will make tapes available for police to be used as evidence.

Suspicious activityThis is where we are totally different from our competition, as others only monitor AFTER the crime. We are on a constant watch for suspicious behavior. If we see anything questionable, we immediately dispatch one of our armed supervisors to check out your property, with the intention of preventing the crime from ever happening.

This service provides a cost effective alternative to having a Guard on your property 24 hours a day.

* Our monitoring program includes 1 free hit per shift. This will dramatically increase the visual deterrent and gives us the ability to inspect in places where the cameras cannot see. In addition we will check all doors and windows and make sure that they are secure.

Other companies only monitor and record during or after the crime has been committed.

ACME Security provides live monitoring which means we can see before and quick response to prevent crime before it happens.