Bike  - The bike patrol is one of the most highly visible and customer friendly types of patrol available.  Bike patrol units are often able to respond to calls faster than officers on foot and are great for covering large hard to cover sites.

Golf Cart  - The golf cart patrol has proven to be an important enhancement to securing large properties, parking lots and shopping centers. Speed meets function with this highly versatile law enforcement machine.  

Segway   - The Segway is a personal transporter that is extremely eco-friendly, versatile and a revolutionary tool. Capable of maneuvering in places that cars and bicycles cannot, the Segway is a highly effective alternative for security transportation.

Metal detector – Garrett Metal Detectors are used for both Handheld and Walk-through applications. Handheld Metal Detectors virtually eliminate the need for a pat downs during weapons searches, and protect the officers from needles and other harmful paraphernalia. Walk-through units are one of the most common contraband detection devices used in public facilities. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and are commonly used for events and facilities with heavy traffic; i.e.: Concerts, Federal Buildings, and Airport Security etc. These can also be customized to detect ferrous and non-ferrous items.  

X-ray machine – ACME features several conveyor X-ray Machines used for items as small as keys to large parcel packages, and everything in between. These metal detectors use electromagnetic radiation to safely inspect items below the surface of the object for threats or suspicious items contained inside. This also saves patrons the embarrassment of having to empty personal contents in front of others, and allows the officer to discreetly ensure the item is devoid of threat.