Vehicles  - Service is provided in police cars, not pick up trucks. Police cars provide a strong visual deterrent to the criminal element. The peace of mind provided when a police car shows up, vs. that of a little white pick up truck is immeasurable. We at ACME make a conscious effort to purchase police vehicles, paint them with bright colors, complete with lights and sirens, as we do not want to be confused with Taxi’s or pool service. Our cars are further outfitted with the latest communication equipment and GPS so we know not only where the officers are at all times, but so they can send immediate reports from your property, time stamped with photos.

Our cars also come standard with First Aid kits, as well as emergency aid equipment such as jumper cables and jacks.  

Armed HIT Services  - For sites that do not require constant supervision, ACME security can provide a roving patrol service, which is a random inspection of your property. An officer will patrol the property in a marked security vehicle, and will exit the vehicle checking doors, windows, and areas not accessible to the vehicle. We can do this as many times during the day or night, as often as you deem necessary. This option is a more cost efficient approach, and in many ways more effective, because you not only have an armed uniformed officer, you also have a marked/highly visible security vehicle increasing the visual deterrent. Armed uniformed supervisors conduct our hits. This provides a higher level of integrity as compared to our competitors who conduct hits with unarmed, non-supervisor staff.

Above and Beyond  - We offer unlimited call outs. What does that mean? You, your staff, or your tenants can call us 24 hours a day with any emergency and we will send patrol over as soon as possible. Whether that’s help with an unruly tenant, assistance with an eviction, a customer that needs to be removed, or just peace of mind, we make ourselves available to you at no additional cost.

They key to patrol service is support. Any one can visit a property and leave, whereas we feel it important to interact and create relationships with the management and tenants.