We at Acme provide services ranging from Unarmed and Armed Guard services, to Bodyguard and plain clothes protection that can accommodate any and all of your business needs. We have experience in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential properties, along with events and special occasions.

We have also developed specific forms of assistance. Through the Nevada Court Systems, coupled with cooperation from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, we have developed a citation system that can assist in eviction processes. We also provide drug testing, background checks, physical fitness tests.

Guards are required to complete hourly reports, and they do this by reporting to our 24-hour dispatch center via radio or telephone. This not only provides detailed and accurate reporting, but also ensures our guards are alert and stay active. Supervisors also check in with guards often, which creates an air of accountability.

Your satisfaction is key to us. If for any reason a guard doesn’t fit your family, we have a large pool of employees to choose from and can quickly substitute or replace. Our goal is for your long-term satisfaction.

Unarmed Guards Las Vegas

Unarmed Guard Services:

ACME Security can provide unarmed security for events or sites that are less aggressive in nature. The unarmed security guard is not only responsible for preventing loss of materials and services; they provide an excellent visual deterrent to a designated area. Our unarmed guards are well trained and under regular supervision.

Security Mobile Officer Las Vegas

Armed Guard Services:

Our Armed Guards carry four times the state requirement for insurance. They receive advanced training and have equipment that is customizable to your needs. Acme Security is equipped and trained for a wide range of armed protection services. We can accommodate any and all levels of security needs. Armed security guards are often the most effective deterrence for high-risk crime areas and/or high dollar merchandise. Generally armed officers are more career/family oriented and go through a higher level of training than an unarmed officer.